We’re using technology to connect Bhutanese farmers to consumers directly – cutting out the need to visit the grocery whenever you want (slightly) fresh vegetables. Greener Basket delivers (completely) fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers in Paro to your tables every week.


Our Greener Basket Story




It won’t be controversial to say the current market for buying farm produce in Bhutan is not working. It’s not working for anyone. The government is upset about the chemicals in imported products. The people are upset about that too, but not as much as they are upset about the high prices of import-substituted local produce. 

On the other side of the story, the farmers are upset too. They keep hearing about the high prices that local produce is getting – but they’re not seeing much of the raised profit.

 Amidst all of this, the question is: what does a system that works for all the mentioned parties look like?

By value-adding to produce, Greener Basket allows us to give farmers fair prices for the market, which makes them happy. The customers get a fresh supply of vegetables and fruits every week, which makes them happy. And the government’s happy because we’re all getting along!

Perks of being a Greener Basket Subscriber


All the produce in your basket is delivered to you within 20 hours of being plucked.


Forget about lining up at a grocery store to make sure you get fresh products. Forget about the grocery store in general. All fresh produce comes straight to your table.


Want to say thanks to the farmers that grow your food? With Greener Basket, you’ll always know where your food comes from.

Environmentally clean

Greener Lyfe’s philosophy of environmental stewardship guides Greener Basket. We’re always looking for ways to cut down our carbon footprint!

How does it work?


It’s simple!

You “subscribe” to a set basket. Every week, we’ll send you produce based on what our farmers grow. If you don’t like a vegetable – say radish – you can tell us, and we’ll remember to never give you that.


You can also “buy” from our online store. If you’d like to select what you want from a list of available things, you can simply visit our website and select. It works just like Amazon – or any other e-Comm store.

Locally Grown Vegetables

We deliver vegetables grown by our group of awesome farmers. Check who grows your food.

A Basket For Every Family

There is a basket for every need


Have you just moved out with your significant other? Don’t know what to buy?  We got you.

Recommended for couples

Two Delivery/Month 

Starting @ 1500/Delivery

Small Family

To make your small family happy, we put all the goodness you need. 

Recommended for family of 4

Two Delivery/Month

Starting @ 4000/Delivery

Football team

Is your family as big as a football team? Don’t stress, we got you.

Recommended for a family of up to 10

Two Delivery/ Month

Starting @ 8000/Deilvery

You can also fully customize your basket after registration


Still have questions?

If you have any clarifications, please refer below

Free door-step delivery?

Yes, We offer door step schedueled delivery for free.

Who is this subscription for?

Anyone looking for ways to get locally grown food produce delivered from the farm to their doorstep and for anyone who is too busy to visit market while also being eco friendly.

Get Your First Basket Now!

Not only will you get healthy produces but also be able to save the environment when you roll with us!