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Honey is just one of the many amazing things Bees make…

Bee have been mainly kept by bee keepers for honey production but bees can do way more than just produce honey, it is super important in keeping our eco system thriving  while collecting nectars and to some, they find companionship with this amazing tiny winged creatures. There are so many reasons to keep a bee hive, maybe you just might find why you would want to start a hive.



Harvesting honey has never been easier not just for the bee keepers but also for our Bees!
After successful collaboration trial with National Highland Research and Development Center at Bumthang, we are introducing the product for the market with training supports provided through the  National Highland Research and Development Center and at best price for the technology

The middle path in Bee Keeping!

Having to smoke and stress the bees to harvest honey which the bees have worked so hard to get is not the way to thank the bees neither is this a way of the Buddha and hence, was the reason why many Bhutanese have turned away from reaping all the other wonderful benefits of keeping the bee hives, with the Auto Hive, you can achieve the middle path towards your bee keeping journey.  

Learn how you can keep bees without hurting your own moral beliefs while also contributing to your local natural eco system by using our auto hive systems. You do not need to disturb the hive to harvest honey with our auto hive.

*please note that you still have to take care of the bees as you would with any other hive.*



We offer two choices for the Appearance of your Auto Hive

Pre-Bookings are delivered in TWO MONTHS after receiving confirmation payment. *

Wax coated Natural Hive

Weather proof Colored Hive

Pre-Bookings are delivered in TWO MONTHS
after receiving confirmation payment.

Auto Hive I

When you buy your hive, you make your return on your investment in just three years of keeping the bee and you can also sell your excess Honey back to us.

Our auto hive has been tested at the NHRDC Bee research center at Bumthang and has shown an average yield of

kgs of Honey

grams of Bee Wax

Bee Keeping Trainings

We recommend taking the Bee Keeping trainings organzied for the New Bee Keepers by the National Highland Research and Development Centre. The training is free of charge and cover all the essential basics of Bee Keeping in a course of 10 Days. For informations regarding timming and registeration, please contact Mr. Dorji at

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