Farming 2.0

Bhutan’s Agricultural problems are unique just like the opportunities within it. What we mean by ‘Farming 2.0’ is basically setting a new prospective of looking at our old problems. Any attempts made towards making the sector better so far has not resulted in anything significant in the last decade, this is to say with all the regards to the amazing efforts made together from the Agriculture ministry, private entrepreneurs and private individuals. What we are presenting with this idea is definitely not a magic wand that will just get everything back into place but the whole idea of looking at our farm with a different prospective to enable birth of other innovations on the farm that can help towards building a much better lyfestyle back on the farm, which would be crucial for any new developments to come back to our farmlands. 


 Farm Membership model

Greener lyfe farm Membership is an experimentation of a creating the first innovation driven progressive farm financed through the membership supported model, where our members get perks from the farm for a year. We believe that we can create an alternative lyfestyle based farm that will not only help to grow more food but also create an enabling environment of growth for our farmers to become an entrepreneur and self-develop.

Greener Lyfe Farm