If you like thriving gardens, biology, nature, and helping the community and environment,
keeping bees can be a deeply satisfying hobby.

As you’ve no doubt heard and read, pollinators are experiencing unprecedented decline. The reasons why are many, but interest in backyard, rooftop, and hobby beekeeping is growing because of it. One way to provide garden and community pollination is by keeping honeybees. In addition to interacting with these amazing creatures and fostering these pivotal pollinators, hive by-products are a major bonus to keeping bees. Honey, when conservatively harvested, will leave enough stores for the bees to survive on through the winter, while giving your family a good amount for eating and cooking. Additionally wax can be harvested for candles, balms, and other body products.


Keeping bees is an amazing experience; enlightening, humbling, educational, and rewarding. Beekeeping supports community pollination, food supplies, and fosters bee populations outside of the commercial beekeeping industry. Below are BEE BUILT‘s top four reasons for keeping bees.

Many different people keep bees for many different reasons, the most important one being pollination. Beekeepers also raise bees for their honey production and numerous hive by-products, including wax, royal jelly, pollen and, yes, even venom!