The farm is the basic unit in food production, as Wikipedia states. In my humble opinion, looking into the history of human civilization, farms are the first lab that humans used in prototyping a brighter future that enabled us to think beyond just food, all other major revolutions have been possible because we learned how to grow, manage, and plan food. It brought us far ahead from all the other species, making significant and comfortable changes in the lives of us human beings. Sadly, this essential place is now forgotten or at the least, underrated.

Farmers are the scientists who live by working in these labs called farms. Growing food, an idea so important to practice, is undeniably the universal need of human civilization. All our history, all our wars, all our discoveries and evolutions have been and are possible because a farmer exists somewhere to make the food we need to get going. Farms enable survival for us to pass on legacies and create histories.

Possibly, the most exciting truth is that we are all farmers by blood, passed on by our ancestors whose main occupation and source of food was farming. Of course, some of us ignore it, most of us don’t care, many don’t know understand the importance, and many more have worked so hard to escape the lyfe of a farmer, but we will all have to practice farming for the very sustenance of ourselves and for a very important security of our nation’s food and nutrition requirement.

Farmer 2.0

For most of history, farming sector has seen several major changes that led to some of the very important development that enable unprecedented growth of humanity. With every major shift and growth in the how the world functions, every industry, every sector undergoes a very big shift to keep up with pace of the market and the new world order, however, the pace of change is very different for different sectors factored by popularity and general out-look to the industry by the citizens of the communities. In my humble view, and published in lots of papers around the world, Agriculture is a sector that is lest digitalized of all and the pace of change and adoption of new technologies is a far cry from any other industry. So less is done for something that is fundamentally super important for all of us.