From exploring the unique Bhutanese culture to hiking in its mountains, eating hot ema datshi to the amazing hospitality of the locals, the village parts of Bhutan is a pretty amazing place to explore and one other super fun thing to do is the traditional hot stone bath.

The farmers initially introduced the discovery of a hot stone bath in Bhutan during the olden days as a source of relaxation for themselves and their families after hard work in the field. It helped them get rid of any physical ailment they would have picked up during the long, hard months of working in their farms in winter.


– The stones burn on hard wood-fuelled fire; the heating of these rocks activates mineral contents that are good for the body. Since we are a carbon negative country, let us at least give this small gift to ourselves while planting more trees.

– After a while, these stones get heated to red-hot, which is then immersed into the wooden bathtub made using locally sourced woods.

– The heat from the hot stone transfers to the fresh natural water inside the beautiful wooden tub. The addition of herbs and Epsom salts are options that can enhance the benefits of the bath and overall, it’s a pretty cool way to relax at the end of the day.