Horticultural therapy describes a process of using plants and gardens in activities designed to define positive health outcomes for individuals (e.g., improved mood, improved self-esteem, enhanced social interaction).

The present world is a place of immense stress and anxiety where we do not have time for self-relaxation. Even a simple matter can aggravate a situation because our mind is volatile- we lack focus and mindfulness. Due to the lack of nature, being surrounded by concrete houses; some people take a break from their work and go on vacation where it is peaceful– free from the bustling city life. So much is the healing power. Nothing will calm one’s mind and connect us to our deeper self than spending some time away in the nature with ourselves. It’s a calling that says we all belong to nature and also the reason for the amazing new calm that we find when we return back to our village.

These positive feelings can have a progressive impact on our mental health and well-being. Feeling stressed or tensed? Why don’t you go and see your plant growing, observe the changes, notice the flower-the bright petals with colorful corolla? It will drastically improve your current mood to a more peaceful balanced one.

The other benefit out of horticulture therapy is that we can get physical exercise for physical health. We do not have to do a huge workout in the gym or going for a diet but we can maintain our health by simply working in the plant garden by a simple operation like hoeing, weeding, staking, thinning, plucking of wild flowers and etc.

The goal of Greener Lyfe Farm is to help enable all our farm visitors to also take advantage of such benefits and to achieve that we provide with our on-farm activities and the naturally maintained surroundings that anyone visiting our farm will gain mental and physical benefits.