The farming approach for next generation


Greener Lyfe Farm, Base One is a 3.6-acre experimental farm at Paro not only growing vegetables and crops but also other innovative ideas to help create a more resilient modern farm. However, that is just a portion of the activities happening there. Modernization has failed to give us the contentment and connection with nature; so we built a farm that provides products and services that come from an age-old practice- farming.

Yet, our farming activities are not again to be mistaken. With keeping in mind the phrase “farming 2.0”, every product we raise or services we function are made in a way that tends to our modern needs.

Greener Lyfe Farm was formed by the love for farming and its importance in our society. The modern era has led us to a new world that most of the time fail to give people a fulfilled life. Though the luxuries of modern times make us comfortable, the mental health of our society is something to be questioned thoroughly.

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How your food is grown can have a major impact on your health as well as the environment.

2030 Goal

1. Creating Positive Cashflow

2. Reinvesting in Tech

3. Creating Greener Lyfe Eco system

4. Reinvesting in the eco system

Why It Matters?

We believe that to create a successful resilient modern farm, we should not only focus on how can we try to improve yield of the crops or build better fences but also creation of the new farming culture that will help attract young talents that can help code applications that can help improve productivity, designers that can design beautiful landscapes and houses on our beautiful mountain valleys and creation of new innovative business models just to name some of the possibility on a remote farm somewhere after creation of a fun environment while creating tertiary job opportunities on our remote farms.